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Income tax 2018: Tax rates and brackets

The income tax 2018, the tax credits and tax brackets are essential for your net pay slip 2018. That is why it is important to know which tax credits you are entitled to in 2018.

Welcome to VZ Assurantiën 

VZ Assurantien has been based in Almere since 1998.

Our principe is that the customer is the key for in issuing advice regarding damage insurance and other matters. We engage in the private market where the damage insurance is being central with us. Besides damage insurance you can also contact us for obtaining tax advice.

Important for you as a customer is to know that insuring Risks means that you, in cooperation with us, have covered the risks as well as possible that may be of interest to you in the short term and in the future. We hereby clarify in consultation with you as a customer which risks you run and what the (im) possibilities are to cover them in a financially feasible manner.

When giving advice the following matters are discussed:

  1. Your specific (family) situation
  2. Your current and future wishes
  3. Your personal plans
  4. Your desire to pay

In relation to

  1. The insurance options
  2. The insurance conditions
  3. The insurance premium

As an independent insurance intermediary, we not only help you to choose the type of insurance, but also give advice on how to insure the (type of) insurance with which company.

For more information about how we represent the interests of our customers, we can refer you to our advice guide.

If you wish to make an appointment for the inventory of your insurance policies, you can make an appointment with us without obligation. The only thing you do is send us a message and we will contact you within 5 days.


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